Seeking recommendation to fix window leaking during heavy rains

Our downstairs bedroom window has been leaking during heavy rains. The exterior is stucco, but it seems to be intact around the window. It's our only window that doesn't have an overhang to protect it from the weather. The water seems to be dripping onto the top of the window from inside the wall and then leaking into the room. Does anyone have a recommendation/advice for someone to diagnose the leak and repair it?

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Are you sure you aren't seeing condensation? We have big single-glazed panelled windows at the front of the 1926 house we recently moved into. During the cold wet nights of February, the temperature differential caused enough condensation on the inside window surface to drip puddles onto the floor. We thought the windows were leaking until we realized what was happening. (Our blinds got moldy, too, so we'll have to replace them. Ugh.)