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Hi, my family and I currently live in the Dimond District in Oakland and are looking for recommendations for a reasonably priced gardener. We're not looking for anything fancy, just someone with a basic knowledge of plants and trees (bougainvilleas, fruit trees, camellia trees, etc) to come in and help maintain our front and backyards. The first few days would probably be pretty intensive and involve a lot of tree trimming, weeding and removing some unwanted bushes/plants so we would need someone who can give us a price on the first 'deep cleaning' as well as the once-a-month maintenance fee. There might be some more future work as well as we try and decide what to do with an area of the backyard. Thanks!

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My parents live in Glenview and use Bernardo Castillo, 510-715-5265. He’s great. We used him once to trim back a very large rose bush - we live in Berkeley - and he did a really great job. Hauled everything away and cleaned everything up nicely. Highly recommend. 

We have a great gardener who comes once a month and is very reasonable and maintains our front and backyards which have tons of trees and plants.  He doesn't speak a ton of english and we don't speak much Spanish, but we seem to get by just fine.  His name is Hector and you can text him: 510-944-9689. You can tell him Angela & Patrick in Redwood Heights referred you. 

Hi! I can thoroughly recommend Israel Rivas for this kind of work. He is charming and completely trustworthy. He has done all sorts of work for us, from tidying up an overgrown garden, to helping us reinforce a chicken coop, filling the kids sand pit, cleaning windows, and biweekly yard maintenance. His number is (510) 706-2945.

Hi, I highly recommend our Gardener, Al Moore. He's reasonably priced, kind, honest and does beautiful work. He's able to do just about everything from big cleaning jobs to maintenance. He has given us our back yard and our front yard back to us again. We use them every day to extend our living spaces. I'm happy to send you before and after pictures, the difference is remarkable. He can be reached by phone or text 415-336-9694. 


Molly Gales