Seeking quality, affordable counseling/therapy for tween daughter

My 12-year-old daughter is struggling at school. She has never liked it, and, now that she's 12, she *hates* it. She has no friends at school, and has adopted an extremely cynical, misanthropic attitude. Her dad and I (divorced) struggle with her over screen time, as many parents these days do, but our biggest concern is her lack of motivation at school, rigidity, difficulty with transition and change and general negativity. She lost her grandpa a couple of years ago, and I think she would benefit from grief counseling as well as general therapy. We want to find some one who will be her ally-who she feels is on her side. Some one young and hip who is really into helping kids, but also affordable, as both her dad and I have very limited resources. If anyone has any recommendations, particularly some one that helped their daughter, I'd really love to hear about it. Thank you, BPN community!

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In addition to seeking counseling, I would strongly suggest that you start with a thorough neuropsychological evaluation. This will enable you to determine if your daughter has any learning or neurological issues that are contributing to her dislike of school and difficulties connecting socially. You can either request an evaluation through the school district, or you can have one completed on your own; there are a number of recommendations/advice postings on BPN about this. 

HI, I have a just turned 13 yr old who has been seen for the past year or so by Rikki at JFCS (we are not Jewish, JFCS is open to families of all backgrounds). My daughter had coped with divorce, illness, school stuff and then lost her grandfather and that was the tipping point that led to us seeking out services. I am a therapist myself and so very picky and have high standards for therapists. Regular sessions with Rikki have completely turned things around for her and she is so much more comfortable in herself, so much better able to communicate her needs, and overall is flourishing. Rikki is older but that was important for my daughter I think to have that kind of support, especially after losing her grandad. I wouldn't let age or "hipness" be a barrier if you or your daughter feel a fit with a therapist.