seeking proactive tax preparer well-versed in stock grants

Hi all,

Posts here are a few years old so asking again. We've filed our 2021 taxes but going forward are looking for a tax preparer who's experienced with stock grants / options, investments, general partnerships, and households with a mix of w2 and 1099  income, who could help us plan adequately for stock grants that vest quarterly so we don't get walloped with giant bills every year. We're looking for someone knowledgable, proactive, and hands-on who will work with us throughout the year to not only get on top of this but stay on top of it. We are a household with high income but also high expenses (not unusual here I imagine) so we need to do this planning in a way that balances our need for cash flow with our need to stay ahead of enormous annual bills. Any input appreciated. Thank you!

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We’ve worked with Chris Detzer (chrisdetzertax [at] for 10+ years through similar situations. He’s extremely responsive over email and detail oriented in the way you want your accountant to be!