Seeking Alameda preschool for 2yo w/ Chinese immersion

We are moving to Alameda next month and are looking for a preschool/daycare with openings for a 2 year old girl. Any recommendations? She is half Chinese so we're also interested in a Chinese Immersion program (but not required). 

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Not sure if you are religious or not, or if it matters, but my daughter's school in Alameda - Coastline Christian School - has a preschool called Tiny Treasures Preschool for 2-5 year olds.  It is not a Mandarin immersion program but they do teach Mandarin as one of the core subjects in elementary through middle school.  We came from a Mandarin immersion preschool in Berkeley but made the switch to the elementary school at CCS because we wanted something more academically rigorous and getting some Mandarin instruction (but not full Mandarin immersion) was the right balance for us.

Tiny Treasures on Bay Farm is a preschool and I think it is bilingual English and Mandarin.