Seeking a piano teacher for 5 year old

We just moved to Kensington and we are looking for a patient and open-minded piano teacher for our 5 year old son. He has taught himself how to read music and the basics of music theory (key signatures, major/minor scales, types of chords). He loves to sight-read on his own and can play the piano for hours at at time when he's inspired. We are looking for a teacher who can build off of our son's existing knowledge and help him grow as a pianist and a musician, while keeping his innate love of music going.

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Susanne Stolcke is a great piano teacher and lives in Kensington.  She is originally from Germany and truly understand classic music. Not only does she teaches kids techniques, but also musicianship--how to understand, interpret and express the deeper meanings in the music.  She also has professional training in psychology and understands how kids think.

Dear dshih - i know a lovely, experienced piano teacher, Kathryn Winter. She teaches out of her home in Albany very close to Kensington. Her email is: katwin3 [at]

You can tell Kathryn that Jan (from BCCO Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra) recommended her. She’s an interesting woman with quite a life history. And she’s a real musician. 

Good luck