Seeking personal trainer for teen

Seeking personal trainer (Oakland or Berkeley) for funny sensitive overweight teen who needs to improve her health and fitness.

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Meredith Mills.She's a knowledgeable personal fitness coach with a warm personality:)

I have recommended her before on this forum, and I again recommend Molly O'Rourke at Strong Island gym in Berkeley for teens. My teen son has been going to her, and I've also been seeing her twice a week for about a year.  My son has really enjoyed his hour-long sessions with Molly, and he hates everything, so that's saying something. Molly is down-to-earth, with a sunny disposition and a sense of humor, but she is very serious about the workout and really knows her stuff.  I've watched some of the other trainers at Strong Island too and they are all friendly and work with all kinds of people, if Molly's schedule isn't open. Here's the website:

I recommend my son Richard Raya! He is 23, is an expert martial artist and runner. He is also a stand up comic, an extremely compassionate and empathetic person, and has experience in personal training for weight loss purposes. He is in Berkeley for the summer. His number is 510-910-7015.