Seeking personal stylist or something like that

I’m a 36 year old mom of an 8-month old, and my job transitioned to mostly remote during/after Covid. Because of both new motherhood and the fact that I work from home most days, I am finding that none of my clothes really work anymore. I don’t know what exactly a “personal stylist” does (I’ve always thought of this as something that only celebrities have…), but I’m wondering if someone like that may be able to help me refurbish my wardrobe.

Postpartum, I’m a bigger size that I used to be (used to be a size 6-ish and am now a size 8-10-ish, and my chest is much larger), but also of course my maternity clothes don’t really work. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually return to my previous size, but need clothes to wear and feel good in in the meantime. Not only are most of my clothes too small, they also aren’t conducive to breastfeeding (I prefer button-up tops for that), and I also have a mix of business casual clothes that I rarely need anymore, and then super casual sweats, t shirts, etc. I think I need some more in-between options for working from home.

I’m wondering if there’s a professional who could help me 1) figure out which of my old clothes to give up on and get rid of, and 2) help me select several new pieces to get me started on a new wardrobe that works for my new size and work life. Is there such a person? Any leads would be appreciated!

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My adult daughter recently had a free appointment at Nordstroms with an employee there who helped her and her friend find clothes to wear to a wedding.The dress she ended up buying was only$69.00.I would think they would be more than happy to help you find lots of clothes.You could see what they are picking out for you and maybe find some of the items cheaper elsewhere.I have a friend that lives a ways away but when she comes over I always ask her to look in my closet with me to help me get rid of things.She sees things I don’t,like a collar is stretched out and tells me what I should get rid of.It is very helpful.

A personal stylist is exactly what you want. They can come to your home, edit your clothes and help you find new ones. Many new moms seek out this service (I used to be a stylist). Try checking Yelp to find someone. Good luck!

I’ve been meaning to respond to this post since I read it a week ago because you could not have more accurately described exactly what  dacy Gillespie does with her business Mindful closet.

Dacy is a stylist out of St. Louis that works mostly with remote clientele. I did personal sessions with her which is costly, she also has a group course that’s happening again soon that achieves the same thing but at a lower price point and I’ve heard the group dynamic is lovely. Dacy helped me to reframe how I approached shopping and clothes. I’ve never liked shopping and in my post-baby body I had no idea how to refresh / rethink my approach to clothes. In the course of our sessions we went through my existing closet, shopped together, and tried on clothes. I totally recommend dacy and her business.