Seeking in person piano lessons for 5 year old son - Piedmont

I'm looking for a piano teacher that is willing to do in person lessons for my 5 year son in the Piedmont area. I don't think he will be able to do a zoom lesson. 

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I know someone great in Glenview. Not sure if that's close enough for you, though. Last I heard she was doing it via Zoom (like everyone else), but now that vaccines are available I wouldn't be surprised if she has now pivoted to in-person. My daughter worked with her for years and loved her!

Libby McLaren

home: 510.967.3386

cell: 510.866.5431

robinandlibby2017 [at]


You can call to see if Vicki Hurd is available for in person.  She's across the street from Piedmont.  Look her number up under the name Peter Hurd or Vicki Hurd, in Oakland.  My son took lessons from age 5-11.  Then we moved.