Seeking pediatrician for soon-to-be pre-teen...

Hi!  The pediatrician we've had since our son was born is retiring, and we are sad to lose the doctor who has seen our son grow and change over these last ten years.  Now we are looking for a new pediatrician in the Berkeley/Oakland area that we can build a new relationship with, and who can help us navigate these crazy pre-teen and teenage years that he'll be entering.  He's a 5th grader.  Any recommendations warmly accepted! If you and your son love your doctor, please share!  Thanks in advance. 

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Berkeley Pediatric Medical Group.  We love Annemary Franks.  But there is a man there who seems really nice (based on seeing him in the hallways)-Sam something.  Most of the other docs have been really nice there when we have seem them on weekends or when Dr. Franks was on vacation.

We were in the same situation as you are. My son's pediatrician retired just as my son was hitting adolescence. He was at Berkeley Pediatric - as the other poster is - and transitioned to Dr. Sam Woods. Dr. Woods is EXCELLENT. We've had a lot of ups and downs emotionally, medically and psychologically with our son and Dr. Woods was steady and right there by our side. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Our son likes Dr. Sam Woods at Berkeley Pediatrics (510-848-2566). He was assigned to him when Dr. James Cuthbertson ("Dr. Jim") retired. I was also a little bit sad at the thought that the doctor who had seen my son when he was little wouldn't see him grow into an adult, but I think the timing was actually good: My son would probably have wanted to move on to a 'grown up' practice -- but he is a teenager, not an adult, plus BP has been *so* much better than any doctor's office my husband and I have been able to find for ourselves.   Dr. Woods talks directly to my son, and he protects his privacy. Per my son's request, I wait in the waiting area when my son is being seen, and Dr. Woods fills me in afterwards on matters I need to know about. When there is something in particular I want to bring to Dr. Woods' attention, I leave a message beforehand, and he calls me back.  This has worked really well, including at times when my son really needed support.