Seeking a Pediatrician - UnitedHealthcare - Berk/Oak

Just got a new job and insurance - woohoo!

I have UnitedHealthcare. Does anyone have a pediatrician recommendation? For a 3 year old girl no major health issues.  We live in South Berkeley, so Berkeley or Oakland.



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BPMG Berkeley Pediatrics Medical Group, the one at 1650 Walnut in Berkeley is great.  I believe they take United Healthcare.

Not sure about the insurance but they take mediCal so seems likely to me

My almost 3yo and I really like Paula Brinkley and her office group, in Berkeley 

Paula Brinkley, MD - Stanford Children's Health
2915 Telegraph Ave #200, Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 843-4544

We also have UnitedHealthcare and live in Berkeley. We took our 3.5 year old to East Bay Pediatrics to see dr Courtney Pickering who was really sweet, understanding and caring. My daughter really liked her and so did we. 

We have United Healthcare and we go to Berkeley Pediatric Medical Group (now called Sutter East Bay Medical foundation) at 2500 Milvia (Milvia and Dwight.)

I have teenaged twins who have been going there since birth, and we have liked the practice.  Our primary doctor is Dr. Petra Landman, but we have also seen many of the other doctors when she is unavailable.  We have been happy with Dr. Landman.  She is very down to earth, seems on top of the latest research, and is very willing to consult her fellow practitioners for additional expertise if needed.  We also like Dr. Kowaleski, and haven't had a bad experience with any of them.

I will just add a caveat that our kids have overall been pretty healthy, so we haven't had to use the practice for any serious health issues.  Mostly annual checkups and the occasional bump, bruise or fever.

Berkeley Pediatrics. 510-848-2566. Every doctor there is amazing and we’ve been with them 20 years.