Seeking patient and encouraging violin teacher for a high school freshman

We're ready for private lessons after playing in school for several years.

We're hoping to find someone in Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond or Berkeley.

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I have been really happy with Merav Singer as my violin teacher for the past couple of years. I started playing the violin as an adult in group fiddle lessons of folk music. After a while I realized that while I know many tunes I lack technical ability and intonation. Merav has been tremendously helpful to me in working on my technique. She is a true "classical" musician and puts a lot of emphasis on intonation and technique. Yet she is extremely patient, easy going and goes with the flow. If one idea doesn't "click" or work she comes up with another visualization or way to think about what we are doing to help me realize that I actually knew (or my fingers knew) how to do it all along. Merav has a good sense of humor and I believe would be perfect at approaching teenagers as well. Best of luck!

I highly recommend Catherine Manning in Berkeley.  My daughter has taken lessons from her for the last 4-5 years and loves Catherine and her way of teaching music.  If Catherine doesn't have room in her schedule, she has some very talented teachers in her studio who she could recommend.  Her email is:  chadandcath [at]

Yvonne Mansell

I can recommend a wonderful violin teacher located in the East Bay, Merav Singer.  Merav is a patient and gifted teacher.   I believe she is taking new students at this time. My daughter really enjoyed studying with Merav.  Her email is:  merav [at]