Seeking parents of teen girls who had breast reduction surgery

I have a 16 year old daughter who has been wanting breast reduction surgery for both the physical burden and emotional sensitivity about her large breast size. We have had a consultation with a plastic surgeon at Kaiser Oakland who said she is a candidate for the surgery. I have spoken with some adult, post-child bearing women who have had the surgery. Instead, I am trying to find and speak directly with other parents/guardians of teen girls who have had this surgery done, have been through the decision making process, and/or perhaps women who had it done years ago as a teen or young adult. Given that she is still a teen, I am very wary regarding the potential future implications should she want to breast feed in the future, as well as other issues. I’d appreciate any feedback. This is not an easy decision. Please contact me directly. Thank you!

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My 18-year-old daughter had breast reduction surgery in July. Long story short, she is so happy. Ecstatic. It is the best thing that has happened to her in a long time, given all the sadness of COVID life.

It is quite common for teens who have this surgery to do it the summer between high school and college. In fact, my daughter knew of two other girls in her senior class who were also planning to do the surgery over the summer.

In terms of breastfeeding and other issues it is a bit of a philosophical discussion.

I was 25 when I had breast reduction surgery.  I'm now 49.  It was a very difficult surgery, two weeks of recovery.  The scars are still slightly visible to me, but really not to others.  I was not able to breast feed either of my children fully but my breasts got engorged--the lines leading to my nipple had been mostly severed.  It was painful and unpleasant but fleeting.  And my mostly formula fed kiddos are just fine!  And I think the technology has gotten better, so there is that to consider.  I wanted to go down to an A from a DDD, but the doc kept me at a C so I could breast feed.  But then, it didn't happen regardless. 

It was a life changing event and if I had had the courage, I would have done it earlier.  Never been so happy with a decision!  It was seriously a wonderful, freeing thing.  No regrets, not for a single moment. 

From my goddaughter:

Response from 23 yr old, got BR at 18:
I got my breast reduction the summer after my freshman year of college and my only regret is not having it sooner. When consulting a doctor (also Kaiser), they asked if I wanted to wait until after having children bc of the possibility of having trouble breastfeeding later but said it was a small chance + I cannot even imagine waiting that many years to have it done. I also remember being very nervous about what people would say / if they would notice and I can say I’ve never had a single negative reaction from others after having it done. I was also nervous about sexual partners noticing my scars but that also has never been a problem. I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have gotten this surgery. It truly has changed my life in soooo many aspects! Has made me so much more comfortable with my body, made it easier to play sports / work out, be more confident, have more fun and confidence buying clothes & feeling happy in my clothes, have fun in college etc etc etc. 
It will be the best decision she’s ever made! 

Not precisely what you asked but I have a friend who waited until after she had a baby to get her breast reduction and wasn't able to breastfeed anyway! There are no guarantees that if she doesn't get surgery she will be able to breastfeed. I breastfed 2 babies and had my breast reduction afterwards and if I had to make the choice to give up breastfeeding in order to have lived my young adult life with breasts of a "normal" size I would do that in a heartbeat. (BTW my Kaiser surgeon, Dr. Kim, was fantastic.)