Seeking non-religious, inclusive scout type organization


My kindergartener is very interested in nature, hiking, and animals. We went to a cub scouts info session and he was interested in joining. However, I am concerned about being a part of an organization that does not have more firm anti-discrimination policies (the troop we looked into does, but BSA allows religious-based troops to exclude LGBTQ members), as well as the scout oath requiring a pledge to serve god, as we are atheists. 
I love the community service and respect for nature, as well as the fun of scouting, but am less enthused about the other aspects. I’ve looked into various other scouting organizations but haven’t actually found any groups in the nearby area - we are in San Leanrdo, close to the Oakland border. 
Any leads? We’d also be interested in a Universalist Unitarian based scouts group, as they actively engage the scouts in becoming more progressive and don’t require a religious oath. 
Thank you for any help!

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Outdoor Service Guides. I'm interested in setting up a local troop. The Oakland Troop is on hiatus. I'm not sure how to move forward with the organization.

Moderators may put us in touch. My child is  8.

Hi - the YMCA runs a program called Adventure Guides, for fathers and their children.

Hi Cozy,

We are an atheist family involved in cub scouts and it is working for us. Most of the other scouts and pack leaders are not religious either. The pack doesn't discuss religion or faith at all and encourages families to interpret the "duty to god" as we see fit. My family discusses how "God" means many things around the world and throughout history and for us it is just a reminder to think about and stick to our values. Scouts who want to work on the duty to god badges do so at home with their families, not with their troop. We have had some sweet moments with our family talking about what is important to us, and we learned that our son had some pretty deep thoughts. Another family takes a more scholarly approach and learns about world religions together. (The flag ceremonies and pledge of allegiance have been similar for us - a chance to discuss whether these symbols are meaningful and the difference between trying to make your country a better place vs. blind "patriotism".)  We were also concerned about the discrimination angle, but we felt better when we learned that the Berkeley scouts have long been active in advocating for change within the larger organization and heavily emphasize inclusivity. It's the first word in the pack's website description:

Happy to discuss more if you would like! Their Facebook page also has more info and photos.  Good luck finding the right place!

I remember when I asked this question. The sad truth is that there isn't anything similar that I found so my son didn't get to have the experience. If he had asked to do it we would have let hi. But it wasn't a big deal at his school. 

Can't believe nobody has suggested 4-H!