Seeking new mother support group - Pinole, Hercules area

I'm seeking new mother support groups for a family member who resides in Pinole/Hercules area. She is a 1st time mom. She is also open to El Cerrito too. I want to help her find support during this postpartum period.


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Have her check  There used to be a very active new parent's group called the Busy Bees in Hercules that I found through Meetup, but it faded away as the last of the kids entered elementary school and I don't believe it's running now.  She could always start her own, it doesn't take much work to get it going and in this area there's always a demand.  Or, Kaiser Pinole sometimes has new mom groups at their offices as well.  Good luck, it can be very isolating before you find your tribe as a new mom!  

Pinole resident here -- no group to recommend right on the doorstep alas, though there is definitely a need! Resources I took advantage of when my daughter was born 2 years ago:

-- the mother-baby support group at Birthways in Berkeley is a bit of a drive but was a FANTASTIC resource.

-- I've heard really good things about the Kaiser mama-baby classes if that is an option for your relative.

-- once baby is a little bit older, hanging out at the local park in the morning -- it can take a while to meet new people, but we now have several good friends that we met that way, by basically bumping into them over and over again :) (and the little bit of sun and exercise is good for mama too).

I'm also happy to chat with your relative and connect her w/some other families of little ones (and be one more voice promising that those difficult first few months will not last forever); please feel free to pass my contact info along!