Seeking Neurologist Recommendations

Greetings, we are seeking a neurologist in the San Francisco bay area to assist with diagnosis for my partner who has developed significant symptoms. We are hoping to find recent recommendations (the previous ones I found on BPN were from 2011 and before). Does anyone have a personal recommendation for someone you have had a good experience with?

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I saw Donald Kitt MD in San Francisco, in the last 12 months, twice.  He was thorough and kind.  My regular doctor referred me.  But there must be many neurologists specializing in many conditions in the greater Bay Area who are excellent, so I wonder if getting a recommendation from a doctor would be better.

I work as a staff member at UCSF and the neurology department is excellent. I would highly recommend coming here. The doctors are among the best in the country.

I saw Dr. Brian Richardson in Berkeley last month. Like the previous reply, I am not sure if his specialization matches your needs, but he was pleasant and thorough. Also got recommended by my primary care dr.

I highly recommend Dr. Joanna Cooper at Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation. Her office is in Berkeley, and I thought she was an attentive, responsive and thoughtful clinician.  She is also a strong advocate for her patients and I appreciated both her willingness to elevate my case when it needed to be and her caring candor.  I don’t know specifically what your needs are, but feel free to reach out if you have specific questions. Good luck!