Seeking marriage counselor with experience in substance abuse

I am seeking a marriage counselor in Oakland who can help resolve fairly typical marital issues for couples married 20+ years with teen children, but is also equipped to address substance abuse and dependence. We are not interested in a gentle or light touch, and prefer someone who can get to the point and have honest and direct conversations. Someone who has the strength to challenge and debate strong personalities in various states of denial. Thanks in advance. 

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I recommend Joyce Lindenbaum, in Rockridge. We've been seeing her for about 9 months so far. She's very straightforward and direct.  (510) 601-9171

hone numb(510) 601-9171

I would highly recommend Patricia Craven. She has a vast amount of experience with couples and family therapy and specifically with addiction and the family dynamics. 

Our family has been working with her on some similar sounding issues and we have been extremely impressed with her ability to manage a group of six strong minded individuals and really create a space for us to work through some long standing issues brought up because of a member of the family suffering from an addiction.

I can highly recommend my old therapist Joyce Gidel who is an extremely gifted therapist. My partner and I met her when my partner was in the outpatient substance abuse program at MPI Alta Bates and then we continued to see her in her private practice. She has tons of experience with co-dependency. She is smart and empathetic and has the ability to connect with both partners in a relationship.