Seeking licensed and insured General Contractor who takes small jobs in Berkeley

I used to be married to a General Contractor.  We broke up before he finished the new construction on our home.  I'm left in need of a porch and stairs for a second story entry, a porch and stairs for the first floor entry, someone to connect a new sump pump to my existing french drains, and gutter replacing/repair or referral for gutter replacing/repair.  I also have about 3 large dump truck loads of debris that I need removed ASAP.  I'd prefer to hire one GC (who is licensed and insured) so I don't have to manage or find subs.  I just want the work done, done right, done soon, and without delays or excuses.  I know what it costs to hire a licensed and insured GC so I'm not going to get sticker shock on prices.  However, I'm having a hard time finding one who takes small projects like mine.  Hoping someone has a local referral who can end this nightmare of mine.

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Try Jason Abbott at Abbott Improvements.  He's done numerous small (and big) jobs for me, and I'm a retired contractor myself.  His number is:  510-517-6849.  I think he actually prefers small jobs (like is did when I was still working).  

Great thing about Jason is that he can do pretty much everything (plumbing, electrical, etc....) He can also do all levels of work, from cheap/quick to fine detail/high-end.  He also has a dump trailer and can handle that debris for you no problem.  

You can try Tom Wright, who lives in Oakland.  He did good work on relatively small jobs in our house in Oakland.  He wasn't always good at communicating with first-time homeowners, but if you have some knowledge in this area you'll probably be OK.  I just talked to him and he said he's looking for a job right now, in November 2016.