Seeking landscape contractor

Hi there,

We're looking for a reliable landscape contractor who can help us put in some astro turf, install some flagstone, install a weed barrier and do a few other things in our backyard. We have a good idea of what we want to do design-wise, and don't necessarily want to pay a design-build firm, since that's more than what we need. Would love any recommendations.



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We just had a similar project done with John Reppard’s Landscaping and couldn’t be happier with the results! Our backyard is relatively small, but it was a messy sloped area filled with bark, weeds, and flagstone — full of tripping hazards for our 2-yr-old, so we wanted to clean it up to create a low maintenance, kid-friendly yard. John and his team helped us level the area, put in pavers, a retaining wall, plants, and stairs added to the patio (which was standalone upstairs without access to the downstairs yard). I’m happy to share photos, etc. if you want to message me.