Seeking Kaiser ObGyn experienced in twin pregnancies


I recently found out I am pregnant with twins. We live in Oakland but I don't mind going to San Leandro for a great ObGyn. I had a Kaiser midwife with my first pregnancy and delivery and a fantastic experience but now have to switch with twins.

Can someone recommend their ObGyn if you had twins and had a positive experience? 

Thank you!

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I had twins back in October and I have Kaiser and worked through Oakland, with some non-stress tests at the Berkeley location. I also have a 5-year-old and delivered at Kaiser Oakland the first time around. 

My OB is Dr. Katz, and I had a good experience with her. She's efficient, but always took time to explain everything and make sure that I had all my questions answered. I had issues with my blood pressure starting in my 3rd trimester and felt well-cared for with Kaiser in general. Happy to answer any questions.

And if you don't already know about Twins by the Bay, I highly recommend joining: We were hesitant about joining because there's a membership fee, but it has absolutely been worth it because it provides a fantastic twins-specific support system; lots of great advice, not to mention secondhand twins/baby gear. There are also lots of families in TBB with 3+ children. Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to the world of multiples!!

Just an FYI with twins - Kaiser will connect you to high risk specialists in Oakland for your twin pregnancy. You can set up a phone appointment with them early on to go over all the questions that may have (I had a big list and was very nervous). Kaiser will have you do lots of ultrasounds at the Oakland Mosswood building and you'll also meet with a high risk specialist at each of those appointments too. Those are in addition to your regular pregnancy appointments. There will be lots of appointments with twins, even without additional complications. Good luck and hopefully see you at some Twins by the Bay meet-ups in the future!