Seeking Kaiser doctor who can treat adrenal - thyroid issues

Hi all, I have combed through the advice here and wanted to see if anyone had recent, positive experience with treating thyroid and/or adrenal issues at Kaiser? I won't be able to switch providers until next year and would love to find an integrative or holistic doctor, ideally one that is covered through Kaiser. I'm on the waitlist to see a doctor at the Institute for Health & Healing at Sutter Health, but of course that will be out-of-pocket. I've been through the same frustrating experience at Kaiser as many others, it seems, with trying to find a doctor who takes me seriously and doesn't just prescribe some medication and call it a day. I've been given a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I feel as though that's a bit of a catch-all and doesn't really match my symptoms. Thank you in advance.

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Hi there, I had similar issues and completely understand where you're at. I think Dr.s are limited in what they can order for testing so I ultimately didn't get to the bottom/root cause of my issues until I saw a functional medicine chiropractor (5 years later and out of pocket...). It was the best decision I ever made though. This chiropractor was in San Diego, otherwise I would recommend. That being said, my primary care physician is Dr. Ashley Phipps at Oakland Kaiser. She is a Dr. of Osteopathy (D.O.). I looked for DO's for my primary care because they tend to be more holistic than others and I am very happy with her and she acknowledged my adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues, has ordered testing for them and is not quick to pull the trigger on pharmaceutical drugs. She really works with you on natural alternative options. She's also in the Family Medicine department so our whole family sees the same Dr. which also helps to diagnose more holistically. I really love the setup for now and hope I can keep Kaiser because of it. I highly recommend Dr. Phipps, especially for what you are describing. Good luck! The healing process is quite a long journey, but getting to the bottom of it is the first step. Sending best.