Seeking Info re Bayside Medical and Sutter Pediatricians

Hi, all.

We're expecting our first kiddo in May, and are trying to narrow down and pick a pediatrician.  My OBGYN is through UCSF and I've had a mixed experience; we're sticking with UCSF for delivery, but my husband and I are not particularly interested in the UCSF system/UCSF pediatricians.  I'm wondering if folks have thoughts/recommendations for either Bayside Medical Group or Sutter Health? 

Of course, we'd like someone with a good rapport with kids, knowledgeable, etc.  We certainly don't want unnecessary medication/treatment and are on-board with caring for both physical and emotional health, but finding a staunch holistic provider is not an absolute for us; we definitely want to get all recommended immunizations.  Based on my experience with UCSF, one of my concerns is avoiding bureaucracy/miscommunication/poor communication/lack of communication from the doctor or staff.  We're also hoping to build a connection with the pediatrician (i.e. see that provider consistently) and not get bounced around a variety of providers - perhaps that is a pipe dream given how medical care functions today.

Anyway, thoughts/recommendations/reactions welcome!

Thanks, Lauren

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We've had good experiences with Dr. Paula Brinkley at Bayside; our teenaged daughter has seen her the past couple of years. The office and medical staff also are warm, friendly and efficient, and in my observation have handled COVID precautions very sensibly. 

We use Bayside pediatrics and it's been great! We see Dr. Katya Gerwein. We love her. We always see her unless it's urgent and she isn't in in which case we see another doctor (all of whom have also been great).

The practice doesn't require on schedule vaccination but she said the vast majority of their kids vaccinate. I haven't asked about alternative medicine things (It's mostly not our thing) but it's definitely not being pushed on us. Katya has been great and there have been no beurocratic hassles at all. I love that I can easily ask questions on my chart and get a response too!

Hello—our family pediatrician is with Bayside and we’ve had a great and consistent experience with them and their staff. All of the milestone appointments have been with our chosen pediatrician in the group and really only last-minute urgent appointments have been with other colleagues who were also wonderful. 

My favorite pediatrician is Dr. Katya Gerwein at Bayside Medical.  I love her!  When we were required to switch our insurance to Kaiser, she was the one that I had a hard time letting go.  She definitely took the time to go over my concerns, and would ask about my well being which felt very important during the postpartum period.  Bayside medical also has a really good lactation consultant that I used for both of my children.  For all well visits I had my appointments with her, but for sick visits she wasn't always available.  My children felt well cared for at Bayside Medical. 

I've recommended Bayside Medical group to others on this community. We have been exceptionally pleased with the pediatricians there. We moved briefly to Washington, DC, and one of the things I was so excited about returning to the Bay for was getting my kids' pediatrician back. We love Dr. Gerwein, but she's usually hard to book. We've had great experiences with Dr. Linn (male pediatrician) and Dr. Boal. The other doctors we've seen have been lovely, too. One of our kids has emotional/regulatory challenges, and I've always admired how unjudgmental and supportive of our kids the doctors have been. Cannot recommend them enough. Their practice is extremely well managed, as well. Q is one of the front desk people, and I love interacting with her. The physician assistants are warm and caring and remember the kids. 

Thank you, everyone, for your replies! We really appreciate your thoughts and experiences (and you taking the time to post!!).