Seeking immigration attorney

Hi everyone 

We are seeking an immigration attorney, preferably in El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, Oakland or SF. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

Thank you!

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To give a good recommendation it will help to have more information. Is this for someone who has some kind of status already? Are you looking for an orientation or want family based, employment based, or humanitarian (like asylum or victim of crime) relief? Does the attorney need to speak a particular language? Any criminal issues? 

I may have some recommendations but they are very tailored to particular kinds of cases. 

Feel free to email me but if you are able to post more info publicly that might help get you the info you need. 


RE: Seeking immigration attorney ()

I was turned down by at least 10 attorneys and then found Robert Job in SF who gave me the simplest solution possible to my case and just told me to do all on my own so not a mercenary at all! He is brilliant and will solve anyone’s issues. Good luck!