Seeking ideas for a small bathroom

We're planning a full remodel of a small bathroom (6' x 6') that has a toilet, sink, and shower.  Due to water damage in the exterior wall and other issues, we pretty much need to gut the space and start over.

We're still in the idea-gathering phase, and looking for wise counsel from others.  Specifically, dear BPN readers, if you have a small bathroom, what are the features and aspects of the bathroom that you most like, or dislike? If you've remodeled a bathroom, is there anything you are very glad you did, or conversely wish you had done differently?


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A 6x6 bathroom sounds LARGE to me!  We recently added a 2'4''x4'6'' bathroom - yes small.  A few things we were happy that we did:

1- Wall-mounted toilet -> saved a ton of space and we really like it

2-Installed an outlet and water spout for possible bidet

3-Custom vanity -> Used a wood builder out of Oakland/San Leandro (jeremiah [at] and we were super happy with his work.  We could also make a vanity that fit our bathroom layout rather than one that had set dimensions.  We ordered a sink and did have to get that cut.  Still reasonably priced and works so well with our space.

4- Used light colors (white tile with light blue/gray paint and light blue tile on bottom of shower)

5-Higher end bathroom fixtures (we went with Graff)- in addition we installed a wand +  rain shower

6- floating shelves over toilet for extra storage

7- Went with the largest size mirror/medicine cabinet

8- installed small shower window

Overall, while small our bathroom doesn't feel that small.  We have plenty of storage and it's also a relaxing and comfortable place to be.  Good luck!

We're in a very similar place in the process for a small bathroom as well. We're taking out a claw foot tub + considering whether or not we really need a built in tub + shower or just go for a floor length nice looking shower with glass. In our current small bathroom I find that curtains on the shower/bath make it look smaller + that open shelving does, too. We're looking for clean lines. I'm booking a consultation soon. Happy to share ideas. Good luck!

I love my bathroom. Is not too big, is like 6 x 10

On the 6 ' side there is a shower next to the toilet and across a double sink on floating cabinet.

The shower is like european style, open concept. All the bathroom has the same stone floor, there is a glass separating the shower from the toilet and no door to shower  (it has space in case someone in the future wants to enclose it. the double sink is wonderful with two mirror-medicine cabinets from ikea, very big and deep and creates lots of storage. The bathroom is one of the favorite spaces of my house with heating mat underneath the floor, you can use the thermostat so it is nice and warm at a specific hour. Also the towel rack is electrical and you can plug and your towel will be nice and warm at a specific time....also we got a nice shower system ( those could be pretty expensive). I have no idea about the cost but I would have love to have a steam shower, since staying under the hot shower is so expensive here,,,, Enjoy the process, mix and match your costs, Ikea, Home Depot and fancy stores, there are thinks like the mirrors that were so much more money that Ikea ones, usually you pay for quality but not always..

1. Wall mounted toilet saves a ton of space. We also highly recommend a washlet with it.

2. A “floating” vanity that hangs on the wall and leaves the floor clear.

3. A walk in shower with NO curb.

This will allow for a continuous unbroken floor for the whole room which really opens up the space. It’s also super functional and easy to clean. Happy remodeling!

Medicine cabinets are not stylish right now. But they are very useful to store stuff, especially in a small bathroom. I also recommend a cabinet over the toilet for the same reason. I really like my corian. The sink, counter and backspash is all integrated and therefore very easy to clean. I also really like the marmoleum floor. Looks good, holds up well, and better for the environment than some other choices.