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I recently read about Hybrid Homeschooling that mixes homeschool and classroom time (e.g., a couple days in a classroom or learning center and school work at home the remaining days). Through the pandemic we've realized there are aspects of remote schooling that work well for our family, however we're not prepared to fully homeschool and think our children (currently in 1st and 4th grades) could benefit from some in-person instruction and socialization. Initial searches seem to bring up either online/remote only or full homeschool programs. Are there Hybrid Homeschooling programs in the Bay Area? We're open to private or public, ideally in the East or North Bay. I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone that has experience with this schooling option.

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Trackers is a popular program serving homeschoolers. I think they are based at Camp Herms (A Boy Scout property) in the El Cerrito hills now.

I homeschooled my kids in the mid-elementary years about 5 years ago and used a couple different hybrid programs. Both were quite small and homespun and have closed up shop. I would say that challenge with homeschooling around here is that the community is quite small and transient so it's difficult to pin down. I found myself having to travel more than I was comfortable with in order to find other homeschooled families to hang out with. There was a Ninja-Warrior gym in Concord called Apex that held classes for homeschoolers, for instance. 

If you are in Alameda County there is a charter school called Hickman that holds in-person classes for homeschoolers:

Lastly the Waldorf school in El Sobrante closed and is now a "community school"--maybe they have a part-time option, not sure.

Best of luck.