Seeking in-home PT for 1 year old

Does anyone have a recommendation for a private, in-home pediatric physical therapist?  We have regional center PT coming once a week (as well as OT, vision and child development), but we would ideally like someone to come multiple days per week for more intensive therapy for our globally delayed baby.

Thank you for any leads!

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When our son was about 4-month old, we had Emily Noonan for a in-home visit to see how to adjust our son's left-right imbalance. She was good with babies and gave a lot of useful information. You might want to give her a try. I think she works at Childrens and also has a private practice in Alameda. 

emily [at]

Have you discussed your wish for additional therapy with your regional center PT (assuming you like them)?  Regional Center will sometimes approve therapy for more than once a week if it seems needed and justified; the PT would have to write a specific recommendation, which may or may not be approved, or could be approved for a specified amount of time to see if it helps. You already have a lot of different people coming, and it can be overwhelming for you (and your baby) to keep switching between different people and different styles.