Seeking holistic secondary infertility support - East Bay

I am wondering if anyone can recommend any holistic health practitioners with expertise in secondary infertility in the East Bay - Oakland and environs.  

I am 40, trying to have a 2nd kid, had an miscarriage about 10 months ago and haven't been able to get pregnant again.  I am working with Kaiser's infertility clinic and have had a comprehensive workup, but would like to also consult with someone regarding supplements, acupuncture, diet, etc.

I tried searching posts, but didn't find anything recent in the East Bay.

Thank you!

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sorry to hear about your struggles. We worked with both Kaiser and spring fertility for infertility challenges and I would highly recommend talking to spring fertility. They now have a full set up in Oakland. I found Kaiser to not be flexible in the protocols or treatments they offered. Also, their lab services were inferior and if you look at their success rates on the SART website, there has been a decline in positive outcomes. Spring did customized plans based on your needs and wants (along with the latest science)

happy to chat more if they helps.

I highly recommend Root and Stem in Oakland. They seem to specialize in infertility.

I am seeing Don Gates near Lake Merritt ( for acupuncture and he's been wonderful. I have been seeing him since we started our IVF transfer process in the fall. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant. Obviously acupuncture isn't the only cause of this, but it certainly didn't hurt (I have done it with both of my pregnancies). I feel like Don really listens to and treats all of my symptoms. He has been super helpful with suggestions around supplements and changes to nutrition etc...  He even helped sort through insurance issues as my insurance doesn't cover infertility as a reason for treatment. 

Hi, I'd recommend contacting Dr. Mary Davenport. She helped me and my husband get pregnant after struggling with infertility. She looked at diet, life style (e.g., exercise), weight, hormone level, general health and specific health conditions. She is very thorough and looks at how everything works together and tries to figure out the underlying cause of infertility instead of just suggesting a one-size-fits-all approach. I highly recommend her. She is currently located in El Sobrante but is closing that practice soon and going completely telehealth. Her number is 510-222-2098 if you want to call her office. Best of luck!

Try Oldershaw Clinic over on Grand Ave for acupuncture.


I recommend Leslie Oldershaw acupuncture on Grand Avenue in Oakland/Piedmont. Leslie and Nicole are awesome! Good luck on your journey.


Traci Moren of Full Moon Acupuncture is wonderful. She offers acupuncture and herbs, and specializes in fertility and pregnancy. She supported me on my IVF journey.  

Hi there - I saw Mari Kubota for acupuncture and Dr. Ariel Provasoli for chiropractic work while trying to get pregnant. Both wonderful! Also, it sounds like you’re satisfied with Kaiser but I just want to share that I worked with an incredible fertility doctor, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh. She did a number of tests and procedures that Kaiser doesn’t generally do, which ultimately led to a diagnosis and treatment that I don’t think Kaiser would’ve arrived at. Happy to chat more if you’d like. Best of luck!

I can strongly recommend Jules Bogdanski in Oakland for acupuncture and support navigating fertility treatment options. Her new website is here:

I love East Bay Acupuncture and Natural Medicine in South Berkeley.

Sean is wonderful. I believe about 40% or so of their practice is dedicated to fertility support, and they have a ton of experience in it. I had low ovarian reserve and some fertility issues that were being treated by medical providers. Sean put together an acupuncture plan and herbal formulas, and once the surgery-related medical issues that I had were resolved, I got pregnant quickly (within two cycles). I was 36. I can't say whether this would have happened anyway, but I can say that their support prior to and throughout my pregnancy made a huge difference for me personally. They know what they are doing, and if acupuncture and herbal therapy can help your situation, they will make sure it does. 

Hi! I can recommend an excellent acupuncturist for fertility - Laura Aguiar in Berkeley. She’s fabulous.

Sean Hall. East Bay Acupuncture. 

Thank you so much everyone for your heartfelt replies!!! You all have given me wonderful resources and perspectives.  Thank you for sharing.  Cheers!