Seeking Healthcare professional speaking Hebrew

I am trying to help a good friend who is suffering severely from several disorders. Severe skin issue, hearing or ear issues some mental weakness, depressive and in difficult home environment..

He is from Israel and has a heavy accent. He is not much being helped by Kaiser. I thought that a doctor or practitioner in his own language might be very helpful for this friend. Chinese medicine or other natural approaches would be welcome.. I want to find someone who can actually be interested in this persons complex trouble and take him on to heal with a loving mind.

If you can think of anybody, please let me know. Thank you

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Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t know of a Hebrew speaking doctor. However, there is an Hebrew speaking Israeli clinical psychologist in Oakland, Dr. Halleli Toder. She accepts Medicare, or out of network via superbill, or if your friend works at UC Berkeley she’s in EAP. I will private message you her email address. 

I think it’s really great that you’re trying to help. Good luck!