Seeking Full-Time Daycare in El Cerrito - 13 month boy

Hi There!

Any recommendations on a daycare located in El Cerrito area that are accepting toddlers? I need full-time care for my son who is 13 months old.

Many thanks,

Shalisa  :)

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Karen’s Kiddos.  I don’t know if they have room,  but this is a great place.  I’ve known Christina for years.  Very caring place.

I've had my son at Auntie Shell's Childcare and Pre-K for a little over a year now (He just turned 2). She will have openings for toddlers in September. Her number: 510-684-2257.

Highly recommend Nini’s Place in Richmond (Annex, close to Trader Joe’s Plaza area in El Cerrito). Our two children went there from ages 7 months to 3 years and we still drop by for visits, they are so fond of her!

We’re really happy with Pride and Joy on Liberty St., although you’ll need to check with the director Moilan to see if there is space.