Seeking Financial Planner with Hourly Rate

Hi, we are looking for recommendations for a financial professional to be a second set of eyes on our portfolio of about $8M. Looking for someone to have one or two meetings at an hourly rate. Can be in person local to the Bay Area or anywhere, via zoom. Thx!

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I highly recommend my financial planner Breanna Stott of Finwell. She's excellent, very experienced, and offers financial planning on a fee basis for various clients, from small families to high net worth individuals. Breanna conducts Zoom meetings and can be reached at (805) 415-7830 or Breanna.Stott [at] Learn more at She's a fantastic choice for your financial planning needs!

I’ve posted and highly recommended in the past the financial advisors that my daughters and I use. To my knowledge I don’t believe they charge for a consultation. 
Nicole Badovinac (760) 920-8251, nicole.badovinac [at]

Joe Corner (831) 233-4053, joseph.corner [at]