Seeking Excellent and Honest Will/Trust Lawyer for Single Mom

I am  a single mom with a teen looking for an excellent and honest lawyer who can help me write a trust (and a will).

I am also considering starting with Nolo Press and then having it reviewed by a lawyer.

Appreciate any suggestions and thoughts.

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For a smooth and easy process at a reasonable cost, I recommend Smartwills, a small business run by Berkeley attorney Scott Pesetsky. You do most of the work online on a platform called Basecamp that lets you exchange documents and email each other, and they create the documents you need, tailor them as you need, send out a notary for the signature, and have everything legally recorded. My husband and I used them this fall to create wills, a trust, and advanced directives for health care. It's $2500 for one person, $3600 for two. Scott was extremely responsive and accessible and it was much cheaper than going to a lawyer, which was going to cost us around $6000. Check them out at

I was introduced to NetLaw by someone who is able to offer a discount on that service. I'm very impressed with them. Their customer service is excellent and they've won an American Bar Association award for their product. They offer a will, trust, and other related papers -- so this would be similar to your going to Nolo. One difference may be that they are constantly updating their documents via collaboration with attorneys throughout the U.S. -- upon my request for more info, they have differentiated themselves from a "forms library." Anyway, I've used them and am comfortable with the results. Contact me if you want a referral to the person who got me the discount :)

I can whole-heartedly recommend Susan Jewel and Heather Stoneman ( -- offices in SF and Walnut Creek). Both of these attorneys are knowledgeable, super smart, kind, and patient. They are also scrupulously honest, flexible about the kind of help they can provide, and pretty fun to talk with (if this kind of thing can be fun...maybe not, but they are entertaining enough to make it seem so). They helped my family with our will and trust, and have since answered questions that come up. Look them up! They are awesome!

I also highly recommend Susan Jewel. She helped me with my trust, my grandmother's and brother's trust including help after they passed. They're stellar. 

I highly recommend Kathleen Hunt at Unique Law. She is located in El Cerrito, if that location is convenient to you. She is very easy going as a person and was razor sharp at talking us through scenarios that we never would have imagined initially.