Seeking dog walker, and house sitter in July

Hi I'm seeking an experienced, regular dog walker/exerciser (2-3 times a week) ongoing, as well as a house sitter (could be same person but need not be) for a week in July. We live in Lower Rockridge. Must have car for dog transport to parks/hikes. One dog is a year-old, 140 lbs Great Dane puppy, very lively and sweet, very playful. The other is a 45 lbs Border Collie mix, very responsive. Hard to walk the two at once on city streets (leash entanglements!) but great on trails or Bushrod field nearby, off leash.

For the housesitting gig, dogs get two major outings a day plus neighborhood walk in the late afternoon. Elderly cat needs feeding, plus garden watering etc. Nice neighborhood, near Colby @ Alcatraz in Lower Rockridge. I don't think a teen dog walker is the right fit - looking for a driver and experienced dog person. Thank you.

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I recently used Trustedhousesitter and had a great experience. You don't actually pay the house/pet sitter, you just pay to post your listing. I got tons of responses within a few days of posting and had lots of folks with references to chose from. Highly recommend.