Seeking Divorce Attorney in Oakland or Surrounding Area

Hi BPN Community,

I suspect my wife is planning to file for divorce soon, and will seek full or at least more than 50% custody of our young child, and attempt to move out of state. I would be grateful for any referrals for a good divorce attorney that will fight hard for my rights as a father and make sure any settlement is fair and equitable. An attorney in or nearby Oakland would be preferable for me. Thank you.

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HIGHLY recommend Cristin Lowe. We had a similar situation that got really nasty, and she's skilled at putting the true colors of a person on display (super helpful if someone hides their crazy well). We're now many years later, she "won" two trials (though no one really wins in these things), and though the other parent is still combative, our child sees and has ongoing contact with and relationships with both parents- even though the parent who originally filed did end up moving out of state. Cristin is strong, smart, powerful and respectful, and I know from experience she will fight for dads to be equal or even primary parents. She is someone you absolutely want on your side in court. Her office staff leaves something to be desired, but don't let that deter you. She's also experienced enough that she knows the judges and what part of your case will resonate with yours. Be totally open and honest with her, let her help you, and keep your eyes on the prize- your child deserves to have the love and presence of BOTH mom and dad in their life.

This sounds like a cat and mouse game. Why not skip the attorney and go for a mediator, and start immediately? Most mediators that I've met will absolutely care about your rights and will not recommend anything other than 50/50 custody unless you both want it. Start with mediation, then move to attorney. IF you've cheated or done something that is hurting your family, your wife and children, mediation can still help.

I recommend Connie Cabello (attorney) - she's amazing!!! And totally helped me out. I'd also recommend Sherna Perez for co-parent counseling - she was instrumental in helping my ex and I sort out an agreement without having to go back to court. Good luck.