Seeking daycare (Concord/Walnut Creek area) - infant


We are new to the bay area and are expecting our first baby this October!  I have done quite a bit of research online but do not have many friends/network to ask for personal recommendations on day cares in the area.  Does anyone have any daycares to recommend in the concord/walnut creek/pleasant hill area?  Appreciate any input or feedback that would be helpful in making this important decision :)  My baby would probably need to start around 4 months old but I can be flexible if needed.

Thank you!


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Hi Hanna,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  I would recommend a couple of groups on Facebook - The Mamahood - SF East Bay and TM Childcare Network (SF East Bay).  You can ask questions about specific day care centers in the area and often can get good responses.  Our daughter is currently at Alice's Montessori Infant & Toddler Center.  I would say that we like it but are not crazy about it.  I have heard amazing things about Love n' Care but they do not have availability in your time frame and I think it's pretty much become impossible to get in.  I have also heard great things about Small World Infant & Daycare Center.  

Good luck!


We had our son start at Alice's Montessori in Pleasant Hill when he was 3 months old. I really like the director Kiana and all of the teachers plus it always super clean and somewhat calm (as calm as a daycare can be) environment. 

I have also heard good things about Where the Wild Things Play in Pleasant Hill as well.