Seeking creative affordable architect

We are looking for a creative architect to help us with a renovation design. Our house was built over 100 years ago and has lots of nooks and crannies and original detailing that we love. We want to preserve some of the existing walls/structures/bathrooms but open up some of the other rooms for a more spacious and modern layout. The project will involve some creativity with the space and with keeping our project at a reasonable cost. 
Has anyone (or your friends/neighbors) worked with an affordable and creative architect that they loved?  

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You might talk with Lillian Mitchell -- I just finished a project with her tying in a new remodel within an old house. Not sure what you think is affordable, but happy to discuss offline if you want.

I recommend Susanne Stadler, Susanne designed our ADU, she is very thoughtful and creative, and we found her fee reasonable. 

I’m not sure what your definition of affordable is, but we’ve had a good experience so far with a Jason Kaldis.

He’s really knowledgeable about old Berkeley homes, and how to make your old home renovations meet the modern permit requirements. Good luck!

Laura Natkins is a great match for your needs. She did for our old house, built in 1910, exactly what you are looking for: We now have a home we love, with a more modern spaciousness and lots of light, yet with its essence and many of its old details intact. Laura was easy to work with, full of good ideas but responsive to our preferences, attentive to details, and knowledgeable about how to get through the permitting process and construction.