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Hello - 

My husband and I are currently remodeling our 1908 2 story craftsman house.  While we do have some colors that we like, we'd like to be more confident with the transitions and also get some feedback on our bolder ideas.  We're looking for help both on the exterior and the interior.

I'm looking at the online BPN recommendations, but they seem quite dated. 

Does anyone have someone they've worked with who might be able to help on a tight timeline?

Thank you.

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We’ve used and loved her.

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We have a 1910 craftsman and used Angelisse Karol She is expensive and a bit quirky, but she absolutely knows what she is doing. 

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Oh my gosh call Cass Morris right away!  I love color and design and was VERY hesitant about using a consultant - I know my own taste, so why pay someone else, right?  But I'm so glad I did - Cass really listens, and made the entire process so much more efficient and streamlined.  We accomplished in three hours what would have easily taken me weeks.  She has a particular talent for helping you create the space that YOU want - check out her website - you'll see so many different styles.  Plus she's just a lovely person and so kind to my son. Contact information is:

510-524-1726 Color [at]

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Morgana von Staffenberg is amazing -- she's helped me with inside and outside and is totally reasonably priced. I love my colors and they are truly ME! Her number: 510-335-1399.