Seeking College Counselor with Openings

Looking for an excellent college counselor (for my rising HS junior)who is taking new clients.  I tried Tami Uecker and she is full.
We are in San Francisco, but are willing to come to East Bay.  Thank you for your help! 

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Susan Kjorlien in Walnut Creek may have openings.

sekjorlien [at]


I highly recommend Vielka Hoy Consulting. She works will all kinds of students from grades 7-12, transfers, etc. and has openings. She is willing to travel and her costs are reasonable. I know she has gotten her clients into great schools with her good funding packages. Her website is, and her e-mail is vielka [at] She's always quick to respond to any questions, and always makes herself accessible. Best of luck!

My daughter worked with Vielka Hoy Consulting.  She is really knowledgeable and has openings.  She was really personable and addressed not only my daughters concerns but our concerns as parents.  She gave us great advice on what to expect as parents, and what to expect for students. My daughter got into SF State and is now in her 3rd year.  My youngest daughter is going to be a Sophomore in high school, and we are already working with her to get a head start!  You can reach her at vielka [at]

Another shout-out for Vielka Hoy.  I worked with her when she was in Marin at the Marin Academy and she is fantastic!  She is adept at working with young people and their families from the entire socioeconomic spectrum. She is upbeat, patient, creative, authentic, kind, funny, and relates well to both youth and adults.  I especially valued her commitment to educational equity.  


We highly recommend Amy Loebl in Berkeley.  Her email address is amy.loebl [at] and we have used her and recommended her to others-- always with positive results.  

My oldest child has worked with Nae Tanaka and we had a fantastic experience... I'm a proud Cal Mom :). She is wonderful and works well out-side normal scheduled times to answer all questions we have and has creative solutions to all our concerns. My current rising senior has been working her since last summer so we can be prepared for the Ivies, which Nae has direct experience. She has been commuting to the East Bay to meet with us. her email: nae [at]