Seeking Coach for Julia Cameron's Artist's Way Book

I am enthusiastically looking forward to a generous period of "discretionary time."  I have always wanted to work through Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way, but have never felt that I had the time to engage with it on a level that was meaningful.  Now that it seems possible, I would really like to get the most out of the experience, and feel that I would benefit from a coach, class, or group that would motivate, and help keep me on track.  I could even see working with a therapist who is familiar with the work.  Any ideas or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations--what a wonderful objective, and Cameron is a good guide. I have used the book. More relevant, a good friend who is now a successful visual artist and poet got her start with Cameron's book. Two suggestions. My friend did it with a close friend, also an aspiring artist, and they kept each other on track. Second, the book is very "self-explanatory", and includes ways to recognize and overcome your blocks--so you could just get started... Good luck!

I can enthusiastically recommend Louise Goeckel, life and career coach extraordinaire, to help you navigate and understand this book. I took an 8 week group session from her that opened me up to many possibities and undiscovered talents, and enabled me to get to know myself on a deeper level. Louise is a wonderful guide for this journey.

She can do one to one or small group classes, and will be starting a group in the fall.

Louise Goeckel, MA