Seeking CBT for 9 year old boy

We thought our son might have ADHD so he was recently evaluated by a neuropsych, who identified that he doesn't have ADHD but recommended some CBT to support him with some strategies for anxiety. He's super bright and doesn't have any social issues, but gets pretty nervous about doing the right thing in school and seeing approval/reassurance. Does anyone have any recent recommendations in Oakland or nearby?

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My daughter saw Dr. Daniela Owens in Rockridge for CBT for social anxiety. Dr. Owens was wonderful.

Hi there, I wanted to forward this along. I'm a school-based OT and this popped into my inbox today, a free mini workshop on anxiety. I'm planning to listen in, hope it is helpful to you too

Clearwater in Oakland is great with CBT (they call it DBT, a take on CBT that includes mindfullness)

Contact Emily Berner at SF Bay Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Oakland on Rockridge Avenue. She works with my 7 year old son on anxiety.