Seeking BPD support group for significant others

My girlfriend and I live together in SF. It is dawning on me that a lot of her behaviors and actions are similar to the symptoms for Borderline Personality Disorder: impulsivity, rage, sudden anger, delusions, devaluation and so on. I'd really like to join a support group for significant others like myself who are in relationships with those who exhibit signs of BPD. Does anyone know of any such group? Thanks

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Please look into the Family Connections program offered by NEA-BPD.

They run 12-week programs for family members/loved ones of people with BPD, and they are offering these remotely now. There used to be a long waiting list (not sure if there is now that it's all virtual), and I recommend getting on the list now, even if it seems too long. 

If your girlfriend is willing, I recommend that you both look into Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (there are many great clinics that offer this in the Bay Area). Everyone can benefit from DBT, but it was designed for people with BPD. It usually involves a weekly DBT skills group training, plus individual therapy. 

Good luck! 

I have a family member with BPD and got support through Family Connections. They run courses that teach methods for coping as well as providing support for people with a loved one who has BPD. There was also a monthly moderated meetup in Oakland. I'm not sure what's going on in the covid era, but it's probably on zoom. Their website is I can get you added to the Oakland meetup email list if you reach out directly. BPD is tough on everyone - glad you're getting support!

It sounds like you are a caring person. I'm glad you are looking for support. You might try or your local NAMI chapter. Either one should be able to refer you to local support groups, all by Zoom at this time.