Seeking Berkeley after-school care in May & June

My husband got a new full-time job (hooray!), which means that we have a sudden need for afterschool care for our kids. Anyone know of an under-the-radar afterschool program that might have space available for two days a week, from May until the end of the school year? My kids are in grades K & 5 at Cragmont in Berkeley (where the LEARNS program for kindergarteners is full). Or, if you know of a good place to post a listing for a part-time babysitter (like at Cal or other nearby colleges), we might end up going that route. Thanks!

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I think there might be some openings at Frances Albrier, run by the city of Berkeley, in San Pablo Park. The school bus will bring them there from Cragmont. Call Berkeley Rec Dept to find out, or just stop by after school one day. connected us with the afterschool babysitter we're using for my Kindergartener.