Seeking Affordable but excellent Couples Therapy

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I'm looking for a great therapist (that we can afford; $85 to $125 or so per hour) for my spouse and I ASAP. Here's what we're hoping to find: great with same sex couples, skillful with couples who have a big age gap, kind / warm (we're both feeling super raw and scared), able to help both people feel heard, yet very results oriented - we need new tools for the many sticky, painful situations going on between us - financial, family, sex, all of it. Huge thanks for your referrals. ~LPC

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My husband and I went to see Jennifer Lieberman in Oakland from 2008 until 2012.  She was excellent, and she offered a sliding scale.  We have a ten year age gap and she felt like a warm and compassionate friend, less like a big scary therapist.  She took us from a place of fights and passive aggressive behavior and near-constant hurt feelings, to a relaxed and confident state in our marriage, and we still see the benefits six years after leaving therapy.  At the time, her full fee was $135 an hour, but our initial cost was $85 an hour based on our salary.