Searching personal trainer

My sister is seeking recommendations for a personal trainer. The ideal person:

  • Can meet virtually and in person on consistent basis
  • Has background in rehab or physical therapy
  • Is motivating, knowledgeable, and reliable

Thanks for your help!

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RE: Searching personal trainer ()

My mom is 80 years old and lives in Oregon. She was looking for a personal trainer who would work with her and her various physical limitations to get her up and moving. She looked around and it seemed to her that the local people she considered were oriented toward working with athletes (not her!). So, of all places, she looked on Thumbtack and ended up finding a trainer who is located in Arizona. They meet on Zoom or Facetime. I would never have thought of this! I don't have a specific person to suggest, but perhaps a website like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit would be a good resource.

RE: Searching personal trainer ()

I highly recommend my trainer Bryce Roos. He meets all of your requirements and then some. I’ve been working with him for six years - through a back injury and pregnancy/postpartum. He is incredibly motivating and an all around great person. He has his own equipment and can either travel to you or host in his yard (located in Berkeley). 
Contact info: brycetraining [at] or 310-359-5550

RE: Searching personal trainer ()

I love my personal trainer, whom I meet at her apartment complex near Jack London Square, but she also travels to clients for an extra fee.  Her name is Nicole Panetti - 813.316.6635.  Happy training!