Searching for Magic Mystery School

The schools that are NOT the magic mystery school although each has it's merits for the right student: Seneca schools, Spectrum Center, Phillips Academy, Oak Hill, Fusion, Holden, Tilden Prep, Mentoring Academy, Bayhill, Springstone, Orion, Rise Institute. Maybe you know the mystery school for the smart high school east bay area kid who needs some specific emotional regulation support. This magical mystery school is not too restrictive so as to make a kid feel like they're bad nor does it employ physical restraint, yet it has some positive therapeutic aspects. It has small class sizes and individual attention, solid academics plus opportunities to make friends and is supportive towards all kinds of diversity. If you know where this magical place exists, please let me know. Bonus if it's a NPS certified school that accepts IEPs. I have to lighten my post with a bit of humor, else this search will do me in. Seriously. Know a place? Have creative solutions?

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Boy, I remember this search. So sorry you're not able to find the One. You might check out the Santa Rosa Anova Center for Education (not the Concord location) and Stanbridge Academy in San Mateo. Good luck.  —Mom of Dysregulated Teen

For us, this school is the Marchus school in Concord. It's changed our lives.

If I forgot to add Anova, it was because I blocked it out. Our family had a traumatic experience with Anova because they use dangerous restraint practices. I would never again send my child to an Anova school. They STILL use these practices instead of positive behavior support plans, so no thank you. Been there, done that.