Licensed concrete contractor for driveway & sidewalk repair

Hello BPN Community:

I'm seeking recommendations for license concrete contractors to repair a driveway and sidewalk at my house in Berkeley. The City of Berkeley requires a permit for sidewalk repairs so these contractors should be familiar with City standards and its licensing process. Thanks in advance!

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We recently had a concrete walkway and porch steps done by Duval Construction and they did an absolutely fantastic job. They were a subcontractor on our project but they will deal with owners directly as well.

Schafer Construction might do concrete? I'm not sure if they do, but I do know they are great at working with the city and licensing.  They do a lot of work in both the Berkeley and Oakland Hills, mostly on houses and decks though.  If they don't do concrete they'll probably know someone who does.   I had them do some repairs on my bridge driveway.