in search of a Korean language tutor/school/class near Berkeley

My kids (5 and 7) have recently expressed interest in learning a second language and picked Korean. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Korean language tutor or class who can make language learning fun for little ones? I'm thinking 45 min a week, kind of thing rather than a half day Saturday school.  If any other folks with similar age kids are also interested please reach out. If I find a good tutor a small group of 4-5 kids could also be fun depending on the teachers ability to manage a group and the kids' interests.

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I highly recommend Yoonmi Demerath. She is Korean but has lived in the Bay Area for quite a while. She is an extremely experienced teacher, who taught extensively in Korea and China and has been teaching and tutoring Korean language lessons for many years. Yoonmi works with students of all ages but has a real gift for working with young children. She is fun, creative, and engaging. She can be contacted at funkorean4u [at] or 510-646-7595.