Scoliosis support in adult - new diagnosis

Looking for some current reviews regarding scoliosis care in adults.  I've had ongoing one-sided shoulder (trapezius) pain after the birth of my 2nd kid, 17 years ago -- tried various modalities (massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc.) with limited improvement. Started having opposite sided hip pain and decided to have it evaluated by a chiropractor, because why not.  Chiropractor did xrays that showed thoracolumbar scoliosis.  Images were repeated and confirmed by my Kaiser doc, who sent me to see a physiatrist doc who said no surgery and sent me a physical therapist who has zero experience with scoliosis.  I'm still seeing the chiropractor regularly -- and while it does help alleviate pain, I get no guidance on things I can do proactively on my own.  I'm in my mid forties and would like to do all the things possible to avoid worsening pain or surgery.  Anyone have advice or practitioners (preferably Bekeley/East Bay) they can recommend?

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I have several friends with scoliosis, and they have found the Scroth method to be very helpful - there are some practitioners in the area - good luck! Schroth Method for Scoliosis | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Your situation reminded me of mine, though they're not identical. I have had back and hip issues my whole adult life (I'm mid-30s) that really flared up after having kids (my youngest is 1). I did a lot of long distance running in grad school and ended up herniating a disc pretty badly and then re-herniating it after I had my first . Things got even worse after I had my second. I have seen an orthopedist and gotten MRIs and was diagnosed with some structural back issues (including Bertolotti's syndrome), but told not to do surgery and to just pursue PT. I have done PT at various places over the last 15 years to address my issues but started working with Karen Hodges at Bayo Vista Physical Therapy in pill hill after my first was born (around 4 years ago) and she has literally changed my life (and I wouldn't say that about a single chiropractor or PT I've seen before her). She's a fantastic diagnostician, she gives you exercises, and she really helps you heal. At the worst of times, I've seen her 1-3x/month but I've also had periods (in between kids, for example) where I went almost a full year without seeing her. She gives you exercises and she really helps you understand what's causing the pain. And she is just so warm and makes you feel so comfortable that she is a joy to see. I look forward to my appointments knowing that I'll get relief out of them and not just the type of relief that goes away after 48 hours (which was my experience with chiropractors). The only downside is she tends to be busy. She hired a new PT who works in her practice part time but I've never seen her (I'm far too dependent on Karen). It's been hard to be (relatively) young, physically active, and dealing with chronic pain that most people my age don't, so I understand your anxiety and desperation. Hope you find something that works!