Schools for Learning Differences Grade 2

Hi, I am looking to move my second grader to a new school.  We need a school that can teach a bright, social, vocal girl who also has various learning differences.  My daughter needs a multi sensory learning environment with teachers who understand how to support a child with ADD/ADHD, Sensory Integration difficulties, and mild behavior challenges.  My daughter is 7.5, but has the social compete of a  kid closer to 6.5 (weak executive functioning, and needs support with some social cues).  My daughter is currently in a main stream private school- she thrived in kindergarten and first grade, however due to new teachers, and some changes in supports provided by the school we are struggling.   I need a school that can take some time modify her school work so that she can keep up with the pace of a classroom- or at least be aware when she may feel overwhelmed.   I am searching for a school with an excellent learning specialist and hopefully a strong social emotional component as well (ideally with a specialist on staff).

I would love advice on choosing a school that supports kids with learning differences.  My daughter will be in 3rd grade in 2019/2020.

Thank you!

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I would check out Walden Center and Schoo, in Berkeley. They are responsive to individual child needs and are willing to make adjustments to suit the child and family. They would absolutely be open to having your child work with an ed therapist during school hours and have both a child psychologist and ed therapist on staff.