School of the Madeleine Parents! Need advice

Hello School of the Madeleine Parents,

I’m looking to hear about your experience during Covid. We are struggling and know that our son needs more than he’s getting in public school right now and prior to Covid. I’d love to hear about your recent experience at School of the Madeleine. We are quite far from Christian and generally would not consider Catholic school but we’ve heard amazing things and cannot swing 30k per year. Please, I’d love to hear about your kids and your experience.



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I apologize that I don't have any very recent experience to offer you but what I can say is that my daughters attended School of the Madeleine and not only did they received a quality education, but as full time college students they continue to cultivate the principles of being "good to one another" and "passing it on" in their lives, as well maintain sibling-like friendships with many of the classmates they grew up with. Perhaps we were lucky that we were part of an extraordinary group of parents and kids but I remain grateful for all the hard working teaching and general staff there. Their 6th grade teacher was Jewish, and about half of the student body was non-Catholic. There was only one very early year when a new teacher didn't work out very well nor did she remain employed beyond the first year. Hiccups happen and things ultimately work out. 

My husband and his siblings attended the Madeleine decades ago and even they still cultivate relationships with MAD-mates. All those amazing things you've heard about the Madeleine are true. I have the fondest memories of our nine years there. The Catholic Youth Organization ( sports program was a dream. I expect that'll get going again once the pandemic calms. 

There may be options to work/volunteer in exchange for tuition reduction. Never hurts to ask. Good luck.