Vendor or food truck for public school lunches

My daughter goes to a small public high school in Oakland where the lunches are so distasteful (shipped in from a central kitchen sealed in individual packets) that the kids never eat them. We are looking for local food trucks/and or small food vendors who might be interested in coming to the school (it is in the Pill Hill area) one or two days a week to sell lunches.  We anticipate a fairly high level of interest from students.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in a gig like this, I'd be really excited to hear from you.  Thanks!

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Have you tried reaching out to Off the Grid? They do lots of events all over the Bay and might be able to advise you on how to make this happen. 


I hope you will speak to your principal first & consider what is legal and ethical, first. The school lunches are free to kids from lower income families. If there are paid lunches that are cooler — that ostracizes students who cannot afford to buy them. This is the kind of thing that increases the separation between rich & poor. 

(Anyways, teens with money will always choose a bag of chips over a healthy lunch.) 

There are some companies that do school lunches where the parents pre-order and the food gets delivered to each classroom. My child has attended schools that used Flo's Friendly Foods ( and My Green Lunch ( Of course this requires the administration of the school being ok with this.

Our school has used this provider:

The kids love the hot lunches and other options like the yogurt and granola parfait.  We requested no sweets or packaged chips to be included and they can accommodate that as well.